About Unik Project

Since the opening, Unik Construction participated in the design of buildings of all types: residential houses, apartment buildings, industrial buildings, etc.. His expertise is recognized far beyond Quebec. It extends to British Columbia where the company working on the development of the Olympic Games 2010.

"Participating in the construction of the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver is one of the most rewarding, enriching and challenging experiences that I have had the chance to participate to this day," said Mr. Réal Thivierge owner and founder of Unik Construction.

Now back to the Lac-Saint-Jean, he says he wants to offer solutions to the area of sustainable and effective building. While remaining flexible and unique. It uses to get there techniques that come from Europe, USA, South America and the West Coast.

Why choose us?
  • Our buildings are sustainable and energy efficient
  • Enjoy over 10 years experience across Canada
  • More comfortable and more energy efficient foundation
  • Managing your project successfully and professionally