Coffrage isolant

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Insulated concrete forms gives you the freedom to build your house in the shape and size desired and gives you the flexibility to design your home to your taste without restriction. It is often difficult to find quality building materials that meets the design requirements and budget. The Integrated Building Technology ICF allows you to push the limits without pushing the limits of your budget.

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The ICF revolutionary new technology of integrated construction is superior to traditional methods with wood framing. Technology in the field of construction has experienced a great evolution in recent times. Builders and homeowners look for new ways to build stronger homes, more comfortable and more efficient in terms of energy. Better insulated buildings, better airbarrier and without thermal bridges ; this is what offers the ICF !


The combination of increase demands for energy and rising costs of fuel means that we must make the most of the construction technology to heat and cool our homes. So we need inovatring approachs not complicated. Insulated Concrete Forms are energy-efficient building materials that provide maximum comfort and energy solutions for a full house. In addition, Insulated Concrete Formwork provide energy savings of up to 70% compared to traditional construction methods.


Todays Building requires, reliable high thermal performing envelopes ,that provide energy efficiency, prevent heat loss, eliminate thermal bridges and provide safety and comfort throughout their lifetime. These performance criteria are key factors in minimizing energy costs and reducing carbon emissions, all that, while maximizing the value of properties for homeowners.